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Thank you for your interest.
Here is the instruction for setting up the program:

1. If you have any old version on your comp you may safely remove it.

2. Download the latest version 6.1 (Season 2023/2024) from this link:
Download SSTracker

3. Now please, EXTRACT that file and then run SSTracker.exe

(Please pay attention to the EXTRACT procedure, if you don't do it correctly the program will not work)

How to EXTRACT zipped files in windows:

4. To update the program with the latest results/statistics click on:
Update-> from Internet

Before you start:
Please read the Licence.txt file that is in your SoccerStatsTracker directory.
If you agree to what I have said then you may use this program.

If you have any questions please see the FAQ section:

Happy analyzing time!

Best Regards,

System requirements:

  • IBM PC Computer
  • Microsoft® Windows®

Copyright (c) 2003. by Soccer Stats Tracker All Rights Reserved.