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1.How often results are updated?
I'm trying to be 5 times a week.

2. Help file is not working on windows 7
To get Help working on Windows 7, just install the: Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7

3. Can you customize the software to my needs? I'll pay for it!
I'm sorry, I can't make any customizations to the software.

4. Can you add some more stats/leagues?
I'm very sorry, you'll have to use what is available.

5. Is there a screen or a link to where the date of the last results update is displayed?
To see the date of the last results/update please do: Start the program and click on "Tools->Latest Results". If there is empty table choose "Past 10 days" in the "Time period" field.

6. Why this program is free?
Because I don't have a time for support/improvements and don't want to shut it down.



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